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Murfee Top

Ok, some of you have seen my pics of the scarf as a top in my life in Lilly album and are interested in trying it, which I'm so excited about. So, here's how it goes:

Step 1: fold the scarf in half

Step 2: take two corners together and tie into a little double knot.

The loops that are created will be your arm holes
Step 3: pull apart into one big vest like piece

Here's what it looks like on the hanger:

Step 4: put it on.

You can stop here and have a vest or . . .

Step 5: pull sides together for full coverage, belt or pin into place. I recommend belting as the fabric is very light weight and delicate

Here's what it looks like from the back:

I like to wear with a similar colored cami underneath but in theory you could wear alone, especially if you are skinny as the fabric will be more gathered on you than me.

And Ta-Da! Here's it is at the office today:

Totally easy, totally comfortable . . . you can do it!

A Tale of Two Cities

Well, I survived the annual screwing by Uncle Sam. Bye bye money that could have bought a lot of Lilly. I'm ticked off this year because some of my deductible expenses exceeded the allowable deductible cap so I had more income taxed than I should have if the system was fair, boo! But anyways, my sorority sister SM made a comment on my FB post on also getting screwed on her state income tax. God Bless the great state of TN for our conservative legislature and no income tax. But it got me to thinking, even though I do pay less taxes I also make less than my yankee friends, am I really winning here in the south? Any y'all know how I answered that question, I graphed it. :) Ok, so we have two sweet, nice looking girls in the same sorority and upon graduation they tearfully hug goodbye and go their separate ways. One moved up to NYC and the other back to her hometown of Memphis. By age 30 NYC girl is making $100,000 and Memphis girl is making $55,000 (I just picked 100,000 as the …


I've thought about writing this post for a long time but I've been avoiding it. But I think it's a topic that a lot of people my age-ish are unfamiliar with so I'm putting it out there for the World Wide Web. I do want to give the disclaimer that I'm not talking to anyone in particular here, just some thoughts.
Losing someone close to you is hard. As kids most of us lose at least one grandparent but our parents tell us about heaven and we move on. Losing as an adult is totally different, there's no shrugging your shoulders and going back to playing my little ponies, you have to deal with it, and it sucks.
Sometime someone you know may lose someone close to them and you might not have experienced such a loss and don't know what to say or do, and that's ok. It's never inappropriate just to give someone a hug and say you are sorry for their loss. I'm not a fan of asking what happened, I know, it's natural we're curious creatures but thin…