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12 Days of Oily Goodness

December - a time for merriment, a time for generosity, a time for worship . . . But also a time for getting ready for New Years resolutions. 
One of my biggest resolutions for 2015 was to get my health in check. Although I wish it was reflected on my waistline I feel like this was something I really made big strides towards this year and one way I have done this has been by going natural. But, 2015 has been an AWFUL year for organization. So after thanksgiving I was going through my essential oil collection scattered about my house and thinking of a solution and when I got them all together I realized that thanks to earning freebies throughout the year I have a nice little stash of unopened dupliates. Hmm, what to do? 
Well, I really truly am grateful and passionate about the way essential oils have blessed my life and so I figured what better way to take advantage of this excess than to share the love. So this month I'll be hosting 12 days of oily giveaways! Participation will be …

Carnival Cruise Thermal Suite

Yesterday I posted about our couples experience in the Cloud 9 Spa on our carnival cruise and mentioned that next time we'll just get a spa pass - this is something I did by myself for our last day at sea so I got to experience the spa to make a full comparison. And like a loser I snuck around taking pictures so I could do another post. 

My favorite part was the thalostherapy pool, no kids! Plus is at the front and top of the ship so you can feel the sway of the ocean. I personally enjoyed being rocked back and forth in the pool but wouldn't recommend this for those who get seasick. 

Next, it was time for the aroma steam room, which was just like the private one we enjoyed the night before but a little larger. 

Next is the oriental steam, which is larger and cooler but still warm. I couldn't get my phone to take good pictures in the steam. 

Connected to the steam room is the tepidarium. This was easily my second favorite spot. The lounge chairs were hard but heated and the vie…

Mud Rasul Ritual

Recently Shaun and I went on a Carnivalcruise and loved it! One thing I really wanted to do was hit up the Cloud 9 spa, it had great reviews and beautiful pictures  of the interior - the perfect add on to our vacation! This really shouldn't be surprising as you know I love beauty treatments but I really wanted to do a couples spa treatment - this took some convincing. Somehow I was able to convince Shaun to participate in the couple's mud rasul ritual. 
For this treatment we had the use of a private thermal suite for an hour. 
We walked into the suite to a large tiled room and found a bowl of mud and plate of sugar scrub ready to go. We stripped and took turns dry scrubing eachother and using the small shower to rinse off. It was then time for the mud application which again we put on eachother. 

Covered in a thin layer of green goo we headed into the steam room for 45 minutes. It wasn't too hot and the steam was infused with essential oils, which you know I loved. We sat and…

Grocery Challenge - Whole Foods

I'm back on the grocery challenge track! With a car in the shop / shopping for a new one and then heading out of town our home routine got all messed up. But now I have a new car and we're ready to eat at home for a few weeks before heading out of town again. 
This week we did out grocery shopping at the new Whole Foods in Germantown, mostly because we got a $10 off coupon in the mail. This is now the 2nd Whole Foods in the Memphis area, we basically live in between the two but hey $10 is s big motivator! 

The new store offers all the bells and whistles the East Memphis store offers only instead of a BBQ restaurant is a crepe bar, yum! Savory crepes are $7 and dessert crepes are $6 - I am sure this will be a quick dinner for us sometime in the future. The new location also has an upstairs community room and kids area, sorry I didn't check these out so no clue if you can drop off kids and shop or if the community room is available for small groups to use, that would be AWESOM…


About two months ago I wrote this post in response to an image that went viral regarding the inner thoughts on fitness at one of my favorite (ish, it's kinda falling in favor) lifestyle brands. This post has quickly become one of my most read posts and I still stand behind every last word. But perhaps the reason the posted images bother me so much is I can't stand the idea of bullying ones self. 
At one point I really enjoyed "reading" magazines, especially fashion magazines. But overtime I realized what I thought I was getting enjoyment out of actually made me very sad. I'm never going to be the type of person who buys $1,500 pairs of shoes or fits into a size two skirt. These magazines, some of them at least were about a lifestyle that would never be mine and it made me sad. As I have gotten older in life I have realized this: there will always be someone richer, thinner, faster, smarter and more whatever than me, I can constantly compare myself to others and …

Grocery Challenge: Kroger

This past weekend we did our shopping at Kroger. Kroger basically has a grocery monopoly on Memphis as it is our only traditional style grocery store. Which is why perhaps other speciality chains are popping up in our city. 
Anyway, here's the haul: 
We spent $91.45 and unlike Sprouts this covered everything we need for the week (except the 2nd gallon of milk - we never get two at once) 
Most meals will cover 3 to 4 servings allowing Shaun to take leftovers for lunch (I prefer fruit and oatmeal during the day) 
Pot Roast with Potatoes and Veggies - 4 meals 
Can you tell we are meat and potato kind of people? I was really trying to give Kroger a winner with this meal since it's an established favorite in our house. The roast alone was $19!!! Honestly, we were both disappointed, even with a seasoning packet added this didn't have much flavor nor was as tender as the one from Sprouts two weeks earlier. I honestly feel like we would have been better off going to the nearby western …

Zyto Scan Review

Recently I received my first Zyto scan. And I know most of you reading this are thinking, what the heck is a Zyto scan??? 
There's a graphic below but basically a Zyto scan is a device to read the bio-markers of the body (there are 76) and provides feedback on "out of range" markers and recommends products as a result. The Zyto scan does not diagnose or treat medical conditions, that's what doctors are for y'all. Because I received my scan at a Young Living class, my results were for Young Living products. 
The scan is painless and easy, one simply rests their hand on the cradle like so and watches a quick video on the process: 
This is me getting my scan 
A diagram of how it works 
After a few minutes received my results! Of 76 bio-markers 19 were out of balance, which isn't bad. I've really been making a push to focus on my health so I was pretty pleased with the results. 
Here's my report: 

I really love how in addition to recommendations the report discu…

Grocery Challenge: Sprouts

I've wanted to do this for a while but I've decided it's time to kick my butt into gear and figure out the "best" grocery store, at least the best one available to me in Memphis. In the video below I explain my reasoning for this challenge, if you're interested. But over the next few weeks I'll be conducting and experiment to see how two adults can eat on $100 each week shopping at various grocery stores. First up on the grocery store challenge is Sprouts. 
Here's the haul 

Total cost $80.71 
Bow ties and Broccoli with Stawberries and Cream Dessert - 4 meals 
I forgot to take a pic, but wheat pasta was not the worst thing in the world. In fact, I will try to make the effort to switch to this healthier alternative in the future. 
Pot Roast with Dutch Potatoes - 4 meals 

Yum! This was delicious. I was very pleased with the meat, it had a very nice flavor cooking in the crockpot in its own juices all day. Dutch potatoes is a family recipe (probably to t…

Young Living Facial

Recently I participated in an online class where I got to try a lot of the Young Living beauty products and since many of you just like reading my thoughts on weird beauty rituals and I've been asked what I thought of the products I figured this would make a good post. This is a pretty mainstream routine so sorry to those who were looking for my latest weird experiment. 

For each product I'm listing the quantity and member price along with the official description and then my personal thoughts. 
Orange Blossom Facial Wash 4oz $41  Orange Blossom Facial Wash™ is a gentle, nonabrasive, free-rinsing cleanser that removes dirt and makeup without stripping skin of natural oils. It contains MSM to promote healthier and clearer skin, wolfberry seed oil to hydrate, and essential oils to soothe with aromatic benefits. Added botanicals protect skin from free radical damage.
I was a little nervous about trying this one because I have a very hard rule to not use soap or cleansers on my face, …

Fashion Find Friday - extended cuteness

Happy Friday? Are y'all familiar with the site ? It's basically a daily deals site and I LOVE it. It's also where I got this week's fashion find. 
This lace hem shirt extender: 

I paid $12.99 plus shipping and it retails for $19.99 here:
So first off, this tank is super soft and incredibly comfortable. It also has adjustable straps, which is nice for those of us with big boobs. But most of all I just really like the look of adding a little drill to something basic 

I have the white one with the two rows of lace and I've worn it twice this week I love it so much. It's really great to wear with pants that aren't so flattering in the tummy area but also add a little something special to something basic. 
I think the regular price is pretty reasonable so I plan on getting one or two more. In addition to white it comes in black, gray and light pink. I'm thinking I need black and light pink. 
In additio…

Plum Paper Designs - Direct Sales

The last area I really want to focus on this year is growing my team within Young Living. Although the title of direct sales isn't quite accurate it's close enough to work. This would be a great add-on for members of pretty much any home based sales business. 
Here's what's inside: 

Some of these sections I'll have to re-name to fit my use and honestly there's a few pages I will never use but overall I like this section, at $4.50 for the add-on I certainly do not regret it. 

Plum Paper Designs - Fitness Insert

I know I say this every year but this year I also want to make wellness / fitness a priority. It's hard for me to get in the mindset of making it important because quite frankly it's not something my doctor gets onto me about. But during 2015 I've been making a switch to a more natural lifestyle and that has put fitness back at my top of mind. So, for $4.50 I got the fitness section added onto my Plum Paper Designs Planner 
Here's what's inside: 

A summary sheet at the front: 

A monthly layout for 12 months
Weight Loss Tracker at the Back 

I LOVE the monthly layout! First off, having a hydration tracker for each day is going to be so nice. I also love the idea of holding myself accountable to writing down an activity (or excuse) each day. Most of all I love the recognition that each month will have different goals and includes some note sections ; one thing I hear a lot form people who successfully got fit was that they had some kind of tracking and were able to go back…

Plum Paper Designs - My Home Insert

The first thing I really want to focus on this year is household organization and expenses. 
Here's what's in the My Home add-on section of my Plum Papper Designs Planner: 

These sections are perfect! I REALLY want to put the condo up for sale in 2016 so I need to start making a list of repairs that are needed and work on them progressively. I also love the monthly expenses section so Shaun and I can do a better job of tracking our joint household expenses. I've never kept up with the timing of routine maintenance things before either like changing the air filter or checking the smoke detector so I plan on keeping up with that as well here. 
This add-on was $4.50 and well worth the cost for some extra household organization ideas.