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Carnival Cruise Thermal Suite

Yesterday I posted about our couples experience in the Cloud 9 Spa on our carnival cruise and mentioned that next time we'll just get a spa pass - this is something I did by myself for our last day at sea so I got to experience the spa to make a full comparison. And like a loser I snuck around taking pictures so I could do another post. 

My favorite part was the thalostherapy pool, no kids! Plus is at the front and top of the ship so you can feel the sway of the ocean. I personally enjoyed being rocked back and forth in the pool but wouldn't recommend this for those who get seasick. 

Next, it was time for the aroma steam room, which was just like the private one we enjoyed the night before but a little larger. 

Next is the oriental steam, which is larger and cooler but still warm. I couldn't get my phone to take good pictures in the steam. 

Connected to the steam room is the tepidarium. This was easily my second favorite spot. The lounge chairs were hard but heated and the vie…

Mud Rasul Ritual

Recently Shaun and I went on a Carnivalcruise and loved it! One thing I really wanted to do was hit up the Cloud 9 spa, it had great reviews and beautiful pictures  of the interior - the perfect add on to our vacation! This really shouldn't be surprising as you know I love beauty treatments but I really wanted to do a couples spa treatment - this took some convincing. Somehow I was able to convince Shaun to participate in the couple's mud rasul ritual. 
For this treatment we had the use of a private thermal suite for an hour. 
We walked into the suite to a large tiled room and found a bowl of mud and plate of sugar scrub ready to go. We stripped and took turns dry scrubing eachother and using the small shower to rinse off. It was then time for the mud application which again we put on eachother. 

Covered in a thin layer of green goo we headed into the steam room for 45 minutes. It wasn't too hot and the steam was infused with essential oils, which you know I loved. We sat and…