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Bridal Goodies Galore!

I love bridal goodies! Probably way more than I should but hey, this is my only time to enjoy being a bride. 
Check out my video showing off my bridal swag that will hopefully give you some good ideas of fun things to be on the lookout for.

Essential Rewards May 2016

I feel like my oiliness has been pushed to the side latley with all of the wedding planning. I mean, I still use oils but I have more of a routine and am less focused on new uses or mixing up blends. I also tend to be a creature of habit and when I fall out of habit with something it can take me awhile to get back into it. 
But trust me, I still love my oils! In the kitchen, in the bathroom, and in the bedroom I have my tried and true favorites. This month was all about re-stocking! I did add two new oils to the mix but latley I've been keeping my oil spend to the essential rewards $50!minimum. That's what I love about essential rewards though, it's the perfect opportunity to remind myself to stock up on favorites so I don't run out but I don't have to commit to a big spend. Plus, I'm still earning points! 
Check out the video below to see how I'll be using this month's order.
Happy Oiling! 

Dream It Plan It Live It Wedding Organizer

With only 5 months to go I finally got a Wedding Planner / Organizer. I've already put it to good use and filled it with all my wedding information but first I captured an overview of the planner to share with my fellow brides to be and planner lovers. 

Tulle La La

On one hand I love subscription boxes because it's fun to get surprises in the mail; but on the other when the box isn't worth in my opinion what I paid I get miffed. So my first attempt at a bridal subscription box was a bust but luckily I have found one I LOVE! Check out my unboxing of my Tullle La La box below. I love how this box is more customized to me and where I am in my bridal journey. The also include great wedding planning tips in each box. 

And the beautiful packaging makes it so fun to receive 

Here's my May 2016 box, it has an approximate value of $55 and also included some beautiful stationary samples.

Here's the unboxing from my first box if you're interested in seeing what I started with and how it works (the video cuts off at the end but it was basically me rambling about what I liked about the box). Box #1 had a product value of $60ish (I had to estimate one product I couldn't find)