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Tiara Brides

Anyone who knows me knows I can be a bit princessey . . . And that's not always a good thing. And so from the moment when I announced my engagement (or the case within my family when Shaun called my Dad to ask for his blessing before buying the ring) I am sure there were expectations about the type of bride I would be and honestly it's been a little bit of an internal struggle. From the get-go I was anti-tiara. Yes, you read that right. 
I'm going to be 32 at the time of my wedding, my fiancé and I have lived together for two years . . . There's no fooling anyone if you know what I mean so why wear a white poufy dress with a veil and tiara like I'm some virginal debutant , why not dress like a grown woman who does grown woman things. But wouldn't you know it, my sweet groom sees me as his princess and his vision included a big white poufy dress. And so while I kissed my vision of an a-line champagne colored gown goodbye and managed to find a more standard bridal…

Tulle La La Bridal Tulles

My third Tulle La La box arrived last night and it's just what this bride needed after a long week at work and feeling under the weather. 

My theme for this month is about pre-wedding events. To see what's inside check out my unboxing video:
Each bride's box is themed based on where she is in her wedding journey so not all June 2016 brides received the same thing and I've yet to see two brides post the exact same stuff in one box so I can really tell it's personalized to the bride. 
My first box was about celebrating the engagement:
My second box was about wedding details:
I'll receive six boxes total so this marks my half way point with Tulle La La. I can't wait to see what's in store for my 2nd half of this fun subscription. 

Ipsy Glam Bag June 2016 - Reveal

Happy Hump Day! Hope y'all had a great weekend! I had quiet time to myself when Shaun worked on Saturday and the of course on Sunday we spent the day with my Dad. For our date night Saturday I decided to put my latest Ipsy products to work. But first, here's a look at what's inside: 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow - full size retails for $19 so I'd value this same at $5ish. This is a very nice pink that can be applied lightly or layered for a bold look. 
Seraphine Botanicals Blush - $18 like I said in my video I LOVE the packaging. I found the shade to be light and natural on my skin but it has more of a shimmer than a typical blush. I think it's nice to use during the summer on top of di kissed cheeks but realistically I see myself using it as more of a highlighter than blush. 
Vasanti Eyeliner - $19 I LOVE how this doesn't smear or melt off and it doesn't go on thick. 
Crease and Smudge Brush - $9 it's a nice brush but a bit to big for a crease brush IMO, I used t…

Leggings for Tall AND Curvy Girls

Earlier this month I posted about LuLaRoe leggings. Despite my constant rant about leggings not being pants I love leggings! In the fall and winter  I pretty much live in a black dress, leggings and boots. So, I really loved the idea of fun print leggings as opposed to dressing dark and dreary everyday for months. I bought three pairs of leggings, which I feel like was giving them a pretty fair shot. After I received the first two pairs I made this video talking about the brand, leggings in general and these particular leggings
Well, now my 3rd pair has arrived and sadly I must say these leggings are not for me. While the waist stretched just fine on the 3rd pair they are too low rise for my taste and do not stretch all the way down to the base of my ankle. Which is a shame because they are really pretty 

I looked at the labels and determined that the ones I liked the fit of were made in China and the other two were made in Vietnam. Here they are stacked on …

Ipsy Glam Bag June 2016

Mid month means it's time for my subscription boxes to start rolling in! Ipsy is the first to ship monthly and my June Glam Bag arrived last night. 
Check out my unbagging to see what's inside.

On Monday I will share a review of the products inside as I have the chance to use them over the weekend. 

Tea in The Garden

Home sweet home! Shaun and I are back from Cali and catching up on rest this week. It was a busy but fun week and one of my favorite activities was enjoying tea at The Huntington Library. 
The LA area actually has lots of tea places that I'm sure we'll slowly work our way through but I selected this location for our afternoon tea so we could enjoy the library and gardens and have an all day adventure vs just tea. One unique aspect to tea at The Huntington is the food is served via buffet. 

Reservations are recommended and even though we went during the week the tea room was packed when we arrived so I'm glad I booked our spot a few weeks in advance. We were quickly seated and brought a basket of scones. Unfortunately the tea selection was very limited but luckily I enjoyed the signature rose tea while Shaun had the blackberry.

The buffet offered tea sandwiches ( chicken salad, tuna salad, cucumber mint, ginger carrot, salmon, and egg salad) a few salads, cheese and crackers, …

Ipsy Glam Bag May 2016 - Reveal

Ok, so time to show off what I got in my May 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag! 
If you want to hear about each item you can watch my "un-bagging" video on YouTube

I was very pleased with all of these items! 
1. Crease brush from Glamour Dolls - retails for $3.99 but is currently sold out. It's very nice and the print is so cute for summer. 
2. Eyeshadow trio from Pacifica - retails for $12. These are really nice summer shades I plan on putting to use ASAP! 
3. X - rated Mascara by smash box - retails for $22. Very dark and dense, excited to use this going out at night to make my eyes pop. 
4. Marine Cream by Clarke's Botanicals - retails for $115. This made my face and hands feel silky soft - I already want the full sized jar but damn, that price tag!!
5. Trio of facial masks by SOO AE - retails 5 for $15. I love the way this made my face feel. These are great for summer to help cool off after a hot day and help repair the face from sun exposure - I see myself…

Ipsy Glam Bag May 2016

Back in the day I used to be the queen of glam - heels everywhere, never left the house without my makeup; as a kid I didn't even own jeans let alone wear them. Now . . . Not so much - although I'm still not a big jeans fan. But latley I've been feeling the urge to step it up and I've been watching a lot of YouTube beauty videos , I even bought a contour kit! 
With this, I decided to give the beauty box / bag subscription a try. It's only $10 a month and encourages me to step out of my comfort zone a bit. I decided to go with Ipsy because I've heard lots of good reviews and I think it's fun it comes with a makeup bag each month. It's tempting to do others as well and I love Ipsy vs Birchbox vs Sephora Play videos but then also the girls will complain about repeat products so I think it's best to stick with one for now. 
The May bag is super cute and has a travel theme. To see what's inside my bag ( each subscriber gets different products unique to…