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Prep Obsessed Good Mail Day

Oh, I haven't done one of these in forever but earlier this month I decided I was in need of a cute accessory infusion and signed up for the ultimate good mail day mystery mailer. Each mailer is $44.95 and includes six jewelry items, one beauty item, one one-size fashion item, and one drink hugger. 

I am in love with the items I received. Check out my unboxing to see what I got:
Each mailer varies so yours would be totally different but I've never received one from these ladies I wasn't pleased with. 
Right now they are doing an even bigger mailer that will include more clothing items for $65 each! I'm so tempted on that one. There's also a scarf mystery mailer and one that's just earrings. Check them all out at

Tulle La La August 2016

The good mail week continues with my Tulle la la box. This is my second to last box because I'm getting married in less than two months y'all! 
This month's focus was reminders for my finishing touches, they even included this wedding day checklist. I'll be sure to tape this to the front door the night before just to make sure I don't forget anything. 

To see what's inside check out my unboxing video:
Like most boxes the retail value is around $60 and I paid $48 shipped. I'm so excited to see what "tulles" I'll get next month for my final countdown to becoming Mrs. B ! 

Julep Maven August 2016

Since I'm really digging makeup these days I decided to give the Julep Maven subscription a try. 
Check out my unboxing of August 2016 below:
One cool thing about Julep is that the boxes are customizable. Another is that new subscribers get a FREE welcome box. I got the bridal edition and you can watch that video here:
If you'd be interested in that box even if you're not a bride because it's full of nice,  neutral colors than you can sign up with code HITCHED. 
Otherwise the current promo is the beautiful nail set. 

And did I mention FREE? Here's the link you need to use if you'd like to sign up and gets lots of free nail polish:

Ipsy August 2016

Woohoo, it's subscription time. As always, Ipsy is the first to arrive. I am so in love with this month's bag! 

To see what's inside check out my short video below:

Country Heat from a Plus Size Girl Perspective

Howdy y'all! I'm so excited about the new Beachbody program that came out this month and for my 30 challenge group starting on the 15th. So, what has a non fitness junkie like me excited you may wonder? Country Heat! 

This is a country themed dance workout and it's perfect for me: Music I love, a great coach and upbeat. My program came in last week and I'll be posting a review of each workout as I go through the challenge. 
Here's my unboxing giving an overview of the program:

I decided to complete the bonus dance mash up as my first introduction to the workout, here's my review of the 20 minute workout:
Looking forward to bringing more reviews as I progress through the country heat challenge. 

Not The Best Day Ever

As the home stretch of wedding planning draws near I have made the mistake of still looking at bridal “inspiration”- especially when our venue posts pictures from other weddings – which is general is a bad idea as I have chosen to not cover every nook and cranny in white tulle but when I see weddings at our venue that I have done so I worry that ours will look sparse. But recently I saw something another couple had done that I can absolutely without a doubt say I do not question for a second that we should do – they had a large backdrop saying “best day ever”. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely backdrop and I am sure that a couple that could include such a prop in their budget had a most wonderful wedding but in general this phrase associated with weddings has always perplexed me .
Forget the fact that “best day ever” plays into the social pressures we have created that demands a wedding be this magical, wonderful,perfect day or else the marriage is doomed to fail (when study after …