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Memphis Fashion Week 2017 Featured Designers Part 2

Ugh, y'all I got the flue this week so now I'm super delayed in my MFW recaps - sorry! Anyway, moving on with the fabulous fashions I have today pictures of the remaining featured designers to share with you,
First up from Austin, TX - This is Sloane. This collection is very hip, very Avant-Garde  and although too edgy for my personal taste very fun to see. The designer is only 21 years old and this is her 5th collection!!! Meanwhile, at 21 my biggest accomplishment was surviving my first three years of college in New Orleans. Check out these cool designs:

Finally, to close out the evening was the headline designer Nicole Miller! As I mentioned in my last post we wound up sitting across from Nicole during the earlier shows in the evening, and I happened to be carrying my old school Nicole Miller purse - which she totally noticed! So, when I saw her notice it I took an opportunity to say hello during one of the breaks and she couldn't be nicer and even posed for a photo with me:
Yes, I am a giant
Here is the Nicole Miller Spring 2017 collection:

It was a wonderful night of fashion and the perfect way to close out the first night with a bang!
Tomorrow I will be sharing about the Emerging Designers Project so stay tuned!


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Memphis Fashion Week 2017 Emerging Designers

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