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Lane Bryant Best Fitting Denim

Ask 100 women what is the most versatile items in their closet and I bet 98% will say a pair of jeans. As I mentioned in my 2019 wardrobe goals getting another pair of jeans is on my closet to do this year since right now I only have one pair. And wouldn't you know it but the folks at Lane Bryant must have read my mind since they're offering the Best Fitting Denim event this upcoming weekend and they have asked me to be their special guest so not only I could find my own perfect fitting jeans but help y'all do the same.
Lane Bryant offers a good variety of jeans not only in shape but in color, wash and fun details. Before showing the perfect pair for me here's a look at just a few of the options. It was really nice to be able to play around with the wash, length and fit so see what I liked about each.

Although I LOVE the fun ruffle and ribbon embellishments I felt like a traditional pair of jeans matches my lifestyle. I tried on the straight leg and boot cut three times back and forth trying to decided because I liked them both so much. Ultimately I went with the Tighter Tummy Essential Stretch Boot Jean.

I'm lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to work but I prefer to dress them up a bit to keep the overall look professional and the length of the boot cut (32.5 inch inseam) works really well for me at 5'10 with heels. I also find darker wash jeans to be dressier. The tighter tummy technology of these jeans adds a little bit of shaping in the front and I'm in love with the way the fit hugs my curves in the back. I am currently between sizes so I sized down to the 20. My philosophy with jeans is that they should be a little snug in the dressing room since they will relax with wear and sure enough by the time I took these pics the fit felt perfect! 

I've also been on the prowl for a utility jacket - classic pieces with feminine details are the cornerstone of my wardrobe so I had to snag the ruffle-front anorak jacket; It's less formal than a blazer but still adds structure. The woven ruffle-hem hacci top adds a little more feminine detailing and I finished the look with delicate jewelry - the 60 in necklace with CZ and mini resin huggie circle earrings. I'm wearing the 18/20 in both the top and jacket. The jacket has a drawstring insert around the waist so it can be cinched making the fit adjustable.

On the weekends I can easily swap the top for a graphic tee and the heels for flats or sneakers and get a completely different look - which is pretty much my favorite thing to do with clothes.

There's literally so many great jean options that I just didn't have the time to try on everything to show them here so I'd love to see you on Saturday to help you find you best fitting denim and show you some fun styling ideas for dressing up or dressing down your jeans. All denim will be 40% off during the event and every purchase comes with a free pair on panties. In addition to giving some style tips we'll have giveaways at 2:30pm, 3pm, 3:30pm and 4pm. If you're in Memphis I would love to see you at the Country Crossing location in Cordova (off Germantown Parkway in front of Ikea) but if you're in a different city I hope you'll visit your local store for this event.

***This post is in partnership with Lane Bryant who generously provided me the outfit featured in this post, all items were selected by me in reflection of my personal style. Lane Bryant is a company I have spent my own money with and will continue to do so as I find the product quality to be a great value for the price points***

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