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Utility Jacket Three Way Style

Hello Friends~ I'm back at it again with some more three way style. I'd been thinking of getting a utility jacket for over a year and finally found one I liked when I was at Lane Bryant earlier this month. I love basic classic pieces that can stand the test of time when it comes to fashion and trends and a utility jacket certainly fits that bill but I've always found them a little too masculine for my style. I then thought about getting a pink utility jacket as that is certainly feminine but I was really drawn to the Lane Bryant jacket with a ruffle front - a great feminine embellishment - but the overall look is still classic. Plus, I'm all about challenging myself this year when it comes to style so what better way than to add a piece that's a little outside my comfort zone.

For my first look I kept it very basic - I feel like a stripe shirt and jeans is the most common way I see utility jackets style. I added some statement earrings, funky glasses and blue loafers to keep the look casual but add a little fun.
Next I thought about other traditional utility jacket styling and put my own twist on it. While it would be common to see a utility jacket paired with khakis so I decided to pair with my khaki colored skirt, a feminine graphic tee and black boots.

For my final look I went completely untraditional and used the jacket to top off an all black look. This look is actually my favorite, I really love the mixed fabrics of the leather skirt and taking an item that's traditionally considered a bit edgy and even sexy and balancing it with the sturdiness of the utility jacket.
These looks are just the beginning of playing around with my style and utilizing {you see what I did there ; ) ] this jacket to give fresh new look to some of my favorite pieces already in my closet. I hope this post has given you some ideas for how to play around with pieces in your own closet.

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  1. Such a classic versatile jacket. Love your fun looks!

  2. All of these are so cute! I love the second one the most. Adorable style girl!

  3. Like I don’t need this jacket.....but I DO! Lol! All three looks are fabulous!


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