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Gaga For Gingham with Jessica London

Every year I get a new dress for Easter. Easter not only kicks off “wear white season” it symbolizes new life so a new dress seems fitting for the occasion. This year I selected this smocked midi dress in lilac gingham  from Jessica London. As y’all know by now I really am gaga for gingham and I have several dresses and tops in this print but I realized I didn’t have any pastels. I like having a new dress for Easter so while I’ll debut my new dress for the occasion I’m not a fan of one occasion dress and I always try to select something with versatility just like any other clothing item I purchase.

Personally I just like the simplicity and versatility of a gingham print and while I’m usually not a fan of multiple items in the same or similar print I make an exception for gingham because it’s always going to be in style. Boots = cool weather and gingham = warm weather every single year y’all! I don’t care what next year’s trends are - I will be able to wear this dress next year and not look out of style or dated - items I can get that kind of longevity out of are a winner in my book. Besides the print I was also attracted to this dress for the below the knee / midi length, ruched waist and flowy feminine style. I am wearing a size 20 which is my current size in plus size style and am 5’10 for reference on the length. I’ve had many Jessica London dresses over the years and have always been pleased with the quality so I had no qualms about ordering this dress online.

Because I knew this was a dress I could wear for years I immediately started thinking about various ways to style it. The pastel coloring makes a pretty feminine look the easy go to for this dress in my opinion but just because it’s pastel doesn’t mean it has to be fussy. For my Easter look I am going the girly girl look - it’s one of the few times a year it’s not overly extra to wear a hat / fascinator and I always take advantage of those opportunities. Since Easter does kick of the season of wearing white I decided to keep my accessories white.

I’m always a fan of a jacket to tone down a feminine look and a lightweight denim is just perfect for this time of year. I swapped out the white heels for these cute ruffle wedges I saw on the Jessica London site and just couldn’t resist (they come in black, pink and silver and it was hard to not order all three, lol!) and added statement earrings. This look is perfect for the weekend be it dinner out, brunch with friends or strolling around town.

Of course, y’all know I have a hard time adding things to my closet I can’t wear to work. While the length and bust coverage is perfectly appropriate for the office I do try and not wear overly feminine pieces that scream I’d rather be at a garden party than here. I added a white button down and simple pumps and a laptop tote for an office friendly look. This white Top is one of mine but I think I’m going to borrow one from Shaun next time to get a longer fit and be able to completely cover up the top but I will still tie the ends for a fitted look since at the end of the day this is a dress not a skirt so I can’t tuck in the top.

I said this was a three way style post but as a bonus look I paired with a darker purple blazer but I think a lot of blazer colors could work.

Clearly I’ll be getting lots of wear out of this dress! Do you have a favorite look? I’d love to know!

***This post is in partnership with Jessica London who provided this dress and the silver ruffle wedges. I have previously shopped Jessica London with my own money and find the pricing and quality in line with what I look for when making clothing purchases. All opinions are my own*** 

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