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Arts Memphis Art by Design 2019

Even though I live here and even though I’m a huge fan of this city I’m somehow always surprised at all the talent in Memphis when I am exposed to an “overdose of talent” at local events and attending Art by Design was no exception. 
I’m going to be perfectly honest here - I’ve been wanting to share my own living room design on here for a while and buying a ticket gave me the final push I needed to get my post finalized. I spent the morning shampooing my carpet and putting away all the odds and ends lying around, took my photos to go with the content I had already written and planned on sharing my post that afternoon and talk about how the event inspired me to share me home design. And then I went . . . and I came home and cried on my living room couch no longer proud of my own home and seeing it as plain, generic, low budget and nothing special. Not my best moment y’all. Why am I telling you this you wonder, well I want to give you some context before I show the pretty things so her…

Gingham Style Color Three Ways

Anyone who knows me knows I love gingham for it's classic preppy style and versatility. I have several gingham tops and gingham dresses but am just now getting comfortable with wearing printed bottoms. In addition to being comfortable and perfect for summer I am loving these gingham pants from Jessica London because I can wear them with a variety of colors. The possibilities are endless but in this post we're taking a look at three different colors to pair with gingham.
The most obvious color is white and since gingham is always white and one other color it will go with gingham in any color. A lot of people get intimidated by white because it seems hard to clean - while it's true that white will highlight a stain I find white easier to treat stains that colored garments because it can be bleached. Plus, white gives summer fresh vibe. I went with an off the shoulder top for my white because it also screams summer to me. Since this top has statement sleeves with the side b…

Vineyard Vines for Target Picks

The annual Target collaboration is something I look forward to all year. From the time when the announcement is made until the look book is released I get antsy with anticipation and then once the look book comes out I scour over it and plan what I will get from the collection.
I love these collabs because a. I love target b. I love getting designer style at prices I can afford and c. target tends to collab with brands that don't offer plus sizes so it's a way for me to participate in a style I enjoy. This year's collab is with Vineyard Vines and I am PUMPED for the collection to be released tomorrow so I figured y'all might enjoy seeing my top picks from the collection.

This pink pullover is the target collection version of the VV Shep shirt. These are great for layering and simple classic style pieces. Since this is a spring collection I imagine this will be very lightweight. The whale shorts is quintessential VV and just adorable. They look to be a little short f…