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Blue Vibes Living Room

I'm a pretty decisive person , so when we moved into our home in 2017 I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to decorate most of the rooms and to me the living room is the most important. The living room is the heart of the home - it's where the family relaxes after a long day at work, where guests are entertained and one of the first impression you get of someone's home and style. But in 2017 decorating the living room I wanted just wasn't in the cards - but I'm a patient person when I really want something and was willing to wait.
Just like when I was planning our wedding when planning our home décor I turned to pinterest to find inspiration and hone in on what I was looking for. I knew that I wanted a blue velvet tufted sofa and quickly had about 20 on my new home board - but eventually one photo stood out and became the "pinspiration" for our living room.

This photo originally appeared on this blog post and is published here with the original creator's permission.
The only thing better than one blue velvet tufted sofa is two! I've never really been a fan of the typical L shape living room set-up and I love that two full size sofas across from each other not only provides more seating but is a great set up for entertaining - which we love to do.

Next we needed a rug. I have to admit that I LOVE our living room rug even though I will never hear the end of it from Shaun since it was over $700 and he felt like we should have limited ourselves to the $99 selection at Tuesday Morning. It's beautiful and plush and the colors just go so well with the sofas. Sadly I can't find it anymore but this one is similar (and a better price!).
For the accent chairs I actually founds ones pretty spot on to the ones from the "pinspiration" but I cannot tell y'all enough how much Shaun hated them, and in marriage you have to pick your battles and the rug was more important to me so I selected some more tame cream and gold accent chairs.
As beautiful as the pinspiration coffee table is I didn't really feel like that would fit in with our home and while I liked the idea of a gold and glass table I wanted something more simple - maybe we'll upgrade one day but honestly I like our Ikea hacked table just fine.
As far as finishing out the room I'd honestly prefer to have our family portrait over the mantle but again - gotta pick those battles so 55 inch tv it is. The curtains took me the longest to find and acceptable set - ours were from Home Goods. The teal pillows came with the sofas and honestly I hated them online but they're not too terrible so I decided to go with it but you can see I did get to add a little bit of a white furry accent and got some additional pillows. I rently saw a picture of a blue sofa with mustard yellow pillows and I loved it so if I can find some I might ditch the teal once and for all. Eventually we'd love to have a statement piece of art on the big wall but that';s just not a top financial priority so we just got a reproduction at Kirkland's - one thing that's nice about getting inexpensive décor items is that when trends change you can switch out a few pieces and give the room a fresh look.
I hope you enjoyed a look at how I turned "pinspiration" into our home decoration. What room should I show next?


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