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A new Mrs Box for a new ring

When I got engaged in 2015 I saw the most beautiful ring box on instagram and I had to have one. The Mrs Box is a handmade, velvet vintage style ring box perfectly for not only keeping your ring safe when you're not wearing it but also let's be real - looking pretty. Since my original purchase from The Mrs Box they have expanded the collection - my original box is the classic petite which at the time was the only box offered; there is now a larger square and a beveled shape and both have options to hold one or two rings. So when I found myself getting a new ring it only seemed right that my new ring deserved a new box. (You can see my original ring and box here)


The Mrs Box has so many gorgeous choices to be honest I just couldn't decided so I left the options up to you, my wonderful readers! Y'all felt pretty strongly that I should get the double box to hold both my engagement ring and wedding band and love the beveled shape. I had narrowed it down to pink or turquoise and the vote was pretty split , when I submitted my order turquoise was slightly ahead but I think pink ultimately won by a hair but as you can see turquoise is a pretty good match for me. My original box had the foil lettering and as much as I love it I'm really glad y'all encouraged me to go with the engraved - I had mine engraved with my initials using one of the 30 designs The Mrs Box offers.

Although The Mrs Box may look delicate don't be fooled by it's tiny size - the box is very sturdy and I have had no issues with the lid ever falling off. I love functional things that are pretty but this feature is the reason why I think The Mrs Box is superior to other ring boxes - I take my rings off at night when I sleep and there have been too many times when I have knocked them off the night stand and spent the morning crawling around trying to find them - a turquoise box is sooo much easier to find and keeps them safe.

Of course, most people do get The Mrs Box because it's perfect for those ring shots  . . .


I never thought I would be the woman who got a different engagement ring but not even three years into marriage and here I am. It all started last October when one of the stones fell out of my ring - since the ring was purchased in LA and we had a trip scheduled to LA that month I just put the ring and diamond in a ziplock bag and planned on getting the original jeweler to make the repair, which they did - or so we thought. A few days after we returned a stone fell out again , I think it was the same one but due to the shape I can't be 100% positive but needless to say we were very annoyed. So  I took the ring to a local jeweler (Diamond Brokers of Memphis - DBM).
Initially DBM indicated that the prongs were not substantial enough to hold the diamond securely and pointed out that several prongs were bent or crushed - this was really annoying because it had just been with the jewelers who made it and they said nothing about this. But, DBM said that they could adjust the ring and add new prongs. A few weeks later I got a call because there was concern - once looking at the setting with the diamonds removed it was clear that the issue was more than just small prongs - the diamonds were set too close together and could not withstand the pressure of larger prongs, in fact they were already rubbing against eachother (this is not good). Unfortunately a new setting would need to be made. DBM was nothing but helpful in the process and offered several ways in which to try and keep the design as close to the original as possible but honestly I was crushed, I felt like it was no longer going to be the same ring. I was mad, disappointed and frustrated so I did what any millennial does these days - I took my complaint to social media and wrote a one star yelp review.
Honestly, I didn't have any expectation I just wanted to vent. I don't know about y'all by my engagement ring is the most expensive piece of jewelry I own and probably will own for a long time. I was disappointing to know that my husband made such a big purchase for what was apparently not a well made product, I was mad we were going to have to spend "hopefully under $1,000" for a new setting and I was hurt that my engagement ring would never be the same as it was when my husband proposed. I stuck to the facts in my review but expressed my disappointment that the ring only made it three years before having problems. A few weeks later the owners reached out - they were willing to do the new setting themselves (hell no) , pay for the new setting, or accept a return. Honestly it was a really hard decision and I felt like no option was going to make me 100% happy but ultimately we decided to return the ring for a full refund and start fresh.

So now we get to the fun part - picking out a new ring! After buying our house and realizing how expensive furniture and home improvements are I'm not going to lie - it was super tempting to buy a moissanite ring as a replacement (which is significantly less than a diamond) and put the rest towards one or two projects on our honey do list. You can call me a sucker for the most successful marketing campaign ever created but I just really wanted my ring to be a diamond. I always loved the floral design of my original ring but I had a confession to make to my husband - there had been a miscommunication when the original ring was purchased and I had really wanted a ring with a 1 carat center stone and smaller surrounding stones rather than the cluster of same sized diamonds. I loved that ring for what it represented and I love Shaun for making it a priority when we all know I've never spent that kind of money on something unnecessary for him so I never brought it up but since we were looking at rings again it made sense to get what I thought we were getting the first time.
DBM had a ring of a very similar style with a blue Sapphire center and eight surrounding diamonds and although we looked at several gorgeous designs and settings we both found ourselves drawn to that floral shape and asked if the same design could be done with diamonds - modifications were needed as a diamond of that size was out of our budget but after a little bit of tweaking we had a perfect new ring custom made.
I'm in love with my new ring and love having a new box to keep it safe and secure. While I originally got The Mrs Box when I was a bride to be I have really enjoyed having one as a Mrs - it's really much more than a nice photo prop and I cannot recommend them enough to anyone who has any kind of special ring.
I'm also super grateful to Diamond Brokers of Memphis for making a tough situation (even if it is a first world problem) easy. I really wanted thinner band because I find it much more comfortable to wear and DBM was able to balance out giving me the comfort of wear with substance to support the setting. When it came to budget DBM was also super easy to work with - we wound up spending a little more than the original ring by choice but there was never once pressure to spend more and we were able to get a custom setting of a design they already offered to fit our budget rather than stretch our budget.
***This post is in partnership with The Mrs Box who graciously provided me a new box for my new ring. The Mrs Box is a product that I have previously spent my own money on. Both my new engagement ring and wedding band featured in this post were purchased by my husband at fair market value*** 

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